Working Minute – Improve Communication in About a Minute

Working Minute: Improve Communication in About a Minute

Welcome to the Working Minute video series.  The series is designed to share one brief tip, tool or technique that will help you communicate and get more done — in just about a minute.

Each week a new short video will be added to this collection that will make your workplace communication more effective.

New videos come out each Friday. Make sure you don’t miss a single one.  Sign up for Working Minute Mail and receive an email notification when a new video is posted.

Working Minute Videos

Communication Styles: The Collaborator

Communication Styles: The Analyzer

Communication Styles: The Motivator

Communication Styles: The Director

Reaching Agreement in Complicated Situations

Reach Agreement in a Difficult Conversation

Consider all Sides to the Story in a Difficult Conversation

How to Listen in a Difficult Conversations

How to Open Difficult Conversations

How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations

Reverse Engineering Difficult Conversations

Assume Positive Intent 

Congruent Communication: Visual, Vocal & Verbal

Communication = Information + Presence