Are you really innovating or simply managing change?


“Our organization is innovating like crazy lately,” Joe recently remarked to me.

“Oh,” I responded, my curiosity piqued. “What sorts of innovations are happening?”

“We’re converting our software development to Agile,” he shared, citing a now decades old methodology.

Joe, like many others, was confusing change and managing change with innovation.

Innovation is, by definition, a revolutionary new idea. When Agile was first developed, it certainly was an innovation. Implementing it now is change.

Change is, by definition, to become different by doing one thing instead of another.  For example, converting from waterfall (or whatever other software development methodology they may have been using), is a change.

Both are important.

And, it is critically important to understand the distinction.

It makes a difference in the methodologies you use, the approach you take to your work and how you design the work environment.

Is your team or organization truly innovating? Or are you managing change?

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