Humorous, Content-rich, Fast-Paced Keynotes

Knowing What to Say When it Matters Most

Imagine what it would be like if everyone in your organization said the right thing and it landed the right way. Every time. To customers, to new clients, to prospects. To each other.

Communication tops the list of the most important professional skills, year over year.  Imagine your people thinking on their feet and responding not just appropriately, but brilliantly! Imagine disagreements around the office not festering for weeks, but being addressed and solved in minutes instead. Imagine if your people could relate to customers, new clients and prospects and truly connect with them.

That’s where Janel comes in.  She demystifies how to connect easily with others (even the ones you don’t like)!

It’s time to connect with anyone and get your message heard.  Laugh out loud and play along as Janel shows you key strategies that the best communicators use to create lasting impressions, closer relationships and engaged employees!


Small Wins, Big Gains:

How Slight Changes in Routine Lead to Significant Transformation

Movers and shakers know that it takes effort to make a transformation. It doesn’t happen on its own. But to make positive change stick, you need to swap out old behaviors and harness human nature to create new habits.  Then you can achieve your highest potential.

You only get one go ‘round at this life, whether it’s at work or in your personal life.  Settling isn’t an option.  Discover what it takes to transform what you’ve got into what you want.

Janel demystifies the process of transformation and cracks the code for positive change by focusing on small wins. In this content-rich program, you’ll discover:

  • The 4 step sequence that drives human behavior
  • 3 hacks that will get better results
  • How to make change stick
  • Small wins that pile up to produce big results


Head On: How to Approach Difficult Conversations Directly

Conflict is inevitable. Handled well, it leads to better outcomes. Handled poorly, it results in acrimony, defensiveness and broken relationships.

Imagine if everyone in your organization could approach delicate, stressful situations with grace and aplomb. As soon as they happen.  Imagine if everyone could resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.  Without getting defensive.

Learn from the communication expert. Janel Anderson has a PhD in this stuff. Literally. She will share a method to approach the most difficult people and the most trying situations. That will get them to listen and understand without getting defensive.

In this high-content, entertaining program you will discover how to:

  • Approach tough situations easily
  • Head off conflict
  • Handle difficult people
  • Keep your cool, even when you’re hot and bothered


There’s No Time Like the Present to Lead into the Future

The future may seem like it’s already here: Five generations in the workplace. Millennials demanding new ways of working, including different spaces and places, new needs and demands. But there’s more to come.  Much, much more.

Speed is not enough. Agility is not enough.  You need to understand how to rethink the future before it arrives.

Learn from the expert. Janel Anderson, part-futurist, part corporate culture guru, will share current research and reveal trends that will shift how you lead. Get the edge you need to remain innovative and champion your products, services and ideas in an ever-changing market.

Stay on top of the future of work. Understand how changing demographics, changing work design and changing demands impact how you must lead to keep a sharp edge.


Make Meaningful Connections: How to Power Up Your Network

You’re at a conference. You know you are supposed to meet people. Networking.  Ugh. On a good day you come home with a handful of business cards of people you never follow up with.  But you know there are good connections to be made. Connections that would make a difference in your business and your career. If only there was a simple way to meet them that feels real.  That’s where Janel comes in.

Janel’s superpower is to kick off the conference with potent strategies that allow you to connect effectively. The result? Meaningful connections where you give and get value. And strong relationships. Strategies that get you talking to one another and most of all, helping one another.

Capitalize on the conference. Make meaningful connections. Take home new business connections and even new friends.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop confidence to meet new people at events.
  • Craft clear messages of introduction that will grow your network.
  • Practice with a pay-it-forward method for making connections.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the connections between network growth and business/career growth.


Questions Are the Answer: A Prescription for Fresh Perspectives

In the fast paced, non-stop world that is the modern workplace, it is easy to overlook other people’s opinions, thoughts and perspectives. Those other perspectives might be just the thing to solve some of the current challenges and issues at hand. But we don’t think to just ask. Let communication expert Janel Anderson, PhD, put people in the mindset to ask more questions and to ask the right kind of questions so that they truly elicit what people think . . . not what we want to hear. If you’re ready to have your team asking more questions – and more powerful questions – contact Janel today.

Key Takeaways

  • How to generate bold, new ideas.
  • Strengthen relationships will colleagues, vendors and customers.
  • Build trusting relationships where people feel safe to share.
  • Transcend hierarchy and authority to communicate in service to higher objectives.


Janel welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about your audience, to hear about the purpose and goals of your event, and to explore together if her style is right for your audience. Call or email today to inquire about booking Janel. 612-327-8026