Logistics Checklist


Successful Programs Depend on the Details

The success of your program is the most important thing to us. We’ve created a pre-program checklist that will help us present the best possible program for your group.

Please send us any blog posts, industry news, company history or product information that will increase Janel’s understanding of your organization. If available, please send us a copy of the program that will be used for this event (last year’s program is helpful, too).


Janel’s introduction will be emailed to you 10 days before your event. It is a customized introduction, crafted specifically for your event. Please have the person introducing Janel read it exactly as written.


Janel does not speak from a podium – and she prefers the stage to be free from podiums, lecturns and large tables.  Janel’s positive energy will keep in motion on the stage.  And she often invites audience members on stage as part of her presentation. If it is necessary for a podium to be on the stage for other parts of the program, please have it set to the side of the stage during her presentation.


With groups of 200 or more, Janel is more visible on a raised platform (12 to 18 inches at a minimum). Being elevated makes it much easier for everyone to see and enjoy her presentation. Please have steps placed on the side.


Janel uses a wireless hand-held microphone. She enjoys being able to move around freely so she can interact personally with your group.

Audio/Visual Aids

Depending  on your program, Janel may be using a PowerPoint presentation.  Please have a small table for Janel’s laptop or a downstage monitor so Janel doesn’t have to look backwards to make sure the correct slide is on the screen.  Your A/V team will be happy to know that Janel is flexible in terms of microphone. She can work with a handheld mic or a lavaliere mic.  She wants the best sound quality possible and will defer to the A/V team. She does not require an internet connection.


Janel will arrive 45 – 60 minutes prior to presentation start time to test A/V, set up equipment and ensure any handouts are distributed. If you need to make other arrangements, please let Janel or her team know.

Book Signing

If you have arranged to purchase books for your attendees to create a more lasting impression of Janel’s message, please have a display table set up at the back of the room where attendees can meet her and have their book signed.  Janel is also open to signing books at a sponsor’s booth to drive traffic there.

Photos & Video

The event may not be recorded without Janel’s express, written permission. Photographs, audio recording and/or video recording must be approved in advance and Janel must be furnished with all copies.

Hotel and Travel Arrangements

Hotel room reservations (non-smoking), preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, are to be secured by you, the client, guaranteed for late arrival, and should be billed directly to your organization. Janel will book her own airfare, non-refundable, (non-stop, when possible) coach fare, round-trip from Minneapolis, MN and submit receipts for reimbursement.

Ground Transportation

Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting Janel.

Balance Due

Per the Speaking Agreement, please remember that the balance of the speaking fee is due on-site, immediately following Janel’s presentation. An invoice, including travel expenses and per diem, will be mailed prior to the engagement.

Ahhhh . . .

Once you’ve taken care of each of these items, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly–now YOU can relax and let Janel take care of the rest!

Questions?  Please feel free to call us at 612-327-8026.  We’re always happy to help!