Leadership Lessons from the Side of a Mountain


Leadership Lessons from the Side of a Mountain

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Not long ago my 17-year-old son and I went on a hike on Usery Mountain just north of Mesa, Arizona. We took on the Pass Mountain Trail, a seven-mile loop around the mountain which summits about two thirds of the way along the trail.

It wasn’t a particularly arduous climb but the intensity was elevated for us because we were pressed for time: he was catching a flight back home to Minneapolis in just a few hours. We had less time to do the hike than we would have liked.  As I raced across the mountain, numerous leadership lessons surfaced.

Watch for new posts each day. In the coming weeks I will document twenty of them.

Here is the full list to date:

Lesson #1: Starting together means nothing

Lesson #2: Make a plan; do not assume

Lesson #3: Sometimes faster is safer

Lesson #4: You will probably not fall to your death

Lesson #5: Rest for a moment in a scenic spot

Lesson #6: Enjoy the easy parts

Lesson #7: It’s lonely at the top

Lesson #8: Look for how things naturally fit together

Lesson #9: Don’t look down

Lesson #10: Don’t worry about who’s ahead of you

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