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Are you looking for a dynamic business speaker who will empower your employees to speak up and solve problems?  Contact Janel today!


In today’s competitive business climate, effective communication skills are more important than ever. Give your people the skills they need to speak up and take action.


The quality of a company’s communication impacts business operations and culture. We work with you to develop a custom program to address your specific situation.

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Can you curb your distractions?

Ty was a participant in one of my leadership development classes. In our session on effective meetings, I’d shared research on how much more efficient meetings could be if people refrained from attempts to “multi-task” while in the meeting. The buzzes and beeps from our smartphones, tablets and laptops are addictive. We crave the distraction

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Cue Routine Reward

How Habits Can Get You Promoted

Passed over for a promotion yet again, Sandra came to me frustrated and angry.  After we talked for a bit, I asked her how her morning at the office started each day. She explained that she came into the office each morning, head down and aiming straight for her office. She made little eye contact

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The Easiest Way to Shift Your Mindset

Ever wish you could just sit back, relax and let change wash over you? What if I told you that one of the most powerful techniques Olympic athletes, blockbuster actors and top sales performers use to seal the deal on their success was readily available for you to use, too? Good news!  It is. The

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Ever wish you could change someone’s mind?

You know the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset. You’ve been working on it. You can spot a fixed mindset a mile away.  And it bugs the heck out of you when you hear your colleague/spouse/best friend/child responding to life with a fixed mindset. Ever wish you could (quite literally) change their mind? Okay,

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3 Steps to Change Your Mindset

Ever wish you could catch yourself in a moment of fixed mindset (see The Secret to Success) and do a 180-degree turn, flipping yourself into a growth mindset quickly? Our brains will fall back on what they know best until they are conditioned to respond differently. It is possible to retrain your brain to switch

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fixed vs growth mindset

The Secret to Success

Bill was frustrated.  His manager Eric was well known and liked across the organization and it seemed like everything he touched turned to gold.  Eric was also 10 years Bill’s junior and had a similar college education and background. Bill was always trying to prove himself and show everyone how much he knew, to no

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