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In today’s competitive business climate, effective communication skills are more important than ever. Give your people the skills they need to speak up and take action.


The quality of a company’s communication impacts business operations and culture. We work with you to develop a custom program to address your specific situation.

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When a colleague drives you nuts

The following blog post is excerpted from my new book Head On: How to Approach Difficult Conversations Directly. Martin loved his new FitBit. And everyone in the office knew it. Co-workers adored Martin. He was friendly and outgoing and a dependable colleague. And in the past 12 months, Martin lost over 50 pounds and became very

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What My 8 Year Old Taught Me About Sales

On a recent chilly Sunday afternoon, my eight-year-old daughter made her debut in sales.  She is selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time. On this particularly cold afternoon (it was 4 degrees above zero), she went around the neighborhood knocking on doors, while I stayed on the sidewalk pulling a sled brimming with her

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Your Life: An Annual Inventory

Every year around this time, I unplug for a few hours to take stock of my accomplishments during the past year and capture my dreams, wishes and intentions for the coming year. Based loosely on a process shared by architect Sarah Susanka, I journey through the past year, take stock of the present and throw

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Habits at Home (aka hug your kids — or your dog — or both)

With September and a new school year right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to think about habits at home. When you come in the door from work, what are the first few things you do?  Do you complain to your spouse about your boss?  Do put on your running shoes and

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (or how to change an ingrained habit)

Habits most often come about accidentally.  We try something and it works: we get a reward. The next time that same cue triggers us, we implement the same routine and get the same reward. Rinse and repeat numerous times (some say 21 is the magic number) and a habit is born. But what if you

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Can you curb your distractions?

Ty was a participant in one of my leadership development classes. In our session on effective meetings, I’d shared research on how much more efficient meetings could be if people refrained from attempts to “multi-task” while in the meeting. The buzzes and beeps from our smartphones, tablets and laptops are addictive. We crave the distraction

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